President's Message

Bringing an insatiably inquisitive mind into the world
・I・E. Company Ltd. Tadashi Nakano President

Manufacturing through free thinking that goes beyond structural concepts: this is TIE’s belief.
We continue to maintain technical capabilities, creativity and uniqueness based on the idea that we are a company free from the concept of “company”.
This has been our philosophy since we were founded.

“Reasonability” and “Thoughtfulness”. We employ these two ideals in close connection in our manufacturing endeavors.
We take a rational, simple approach to reaching our goal in a smart way. We design and plan our products with consideration for all people involved,
not only users of our products, but also those who make and maintain them. Manufacturing products based on these two principles can be called the foundational strength of TIE.

While the globalization of industry progresses and the needs of our customers diversify, TIE’s products are spreading into Europe, the Americas, Asia and other regions of the world.
This does not simply mean delivering products abroad, but rather acquiring the knowhow to respond rapidly to diverse needs and employing the people who can achieve this.
Our consistent readiness to grasp the differences between countries and climates and to provide careful localization, to provide after-sales maintenance
and even staff development is acclaimed proof of what we can do.
In the future we will continue expanding manufacturing, with the superior quality and detailed attention that only TIE can provide.

We believe our mission is to pursue a way to build better relationships between people and products while coexisting in peace and prosperity with the natural world,
taking a broad perspective on the world while not forgetting to keep an insatiably inquisitive mind for technology. Beyond that, we will contribute to society by making people smile.

Thank you for your continued support.


1972 Operation started.
1976 T. I. Engineering Co., Ltd. founded in Nishi-ku, Nagoya City.
1977 Mechanical three-dimensional transfer machine developed.
1978 NC leveler feeder developed.
1982 NC leveler feeder for 9 mm (plate thickness)x 520 mm (width) developed
for the first time in the industry.
Company moved to Kita-ku, Nagoya City.
1983 NCXY feeder auto-punching system with visual ability developed jointly with Komatsu Ltd. for the first time in the world.
1986 NC roll feeding line capable of random feed for the high-speed press 500SPM developed.
1989 Magnetic chain feeder developed for the first time in the industry.
1990 T・I・E Co., Ltd. incorporated at a capitalization of ¥24,000,000.
1993 Capital increased to ¥48,000,000.
2002 Nonmagnetic gripper feeder developed and exported to England.
2004 Company moved to a newly built site in the
Takanebora Industrial Complex in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.
Second-phase of construction for the expansion of the plant
2005 Transfer press-compliant destacking feeder separator with nonmagnetic material developed and patent acquired
2006 Third-phase of construction for the expansion of the plant
2008 Palletizer line for a large press developed
2013 A series of non-stop pilers developed and patent acquired
2017 Large transfer press-compliant shared destacking feeder with high speed magnetic and nonmagnetic materials developed and patent acquired
Fourth-phase of construction for the expansion of the plant
2018 Tandem press connection line three-dimensional transfer feeder developed
2022 Product reversing device within large transfer press lines developed