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T・I・E. mobilizes its abundant technological capabilities in creating ideal products.

We offer products that more than satisfy the expectations of our customers. This is the guiding spirit of T・I・E.
Our know-how is founded on a rich accumulation of experience and accomplishments since foundation.
In our manufacturing process, we always take care to carry out the most efficient and reliable operations.
Thus we always supply a quality that will surely satisfy our customers.

Reliable operation
We meticulously maintain our manufacturing equipment so as to achieve a 100-percent rate of operation. Toward this goal, we make sure that state-of-the-art technologies are always incorporated in our production system. Such equipment assures the safety, durability and trustworthiness of our products.

Innovative rules of production
We emphasize both productivity and rationality. In tackling the development of products without any wastefulness, out production lines are always space saving and labor saving.

Strictest tests assure higher reliability
After receiving an order from a customer, we immediately set in motion our thorough analysis and investigation process. We gather all the necessary information, select the parts and materials as well as conduct tests with various testing machines, before we come up with the best proposal for the specific customer.

Product Guidance

Technological Wealth of T・I・E.
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Technological Wealth of T・I・E.

Product Guidance

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