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Mechatronics is a fusion of mechanics and electronics. T・I・E. has been nurturing and advancing its mechatronic technologies in its own development area.
We listen to our customers and offer proposals for the best solutions. Our products incorporate frontier technologies and progressive ideas while making the maximum use of the whole of our production capabilities.
In pursuit of our ideals, we continue our never-ending challenge by finding that flash of hope in every chance that comes our way.

Company name T・I・E. Company Ltd.
Established December 1, 1990
Capital \48,000,000
Business offices Head Office:
5-25 Takanebora, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture 484-0000 Japan
Tel: +81-568-69-0555
Fax: +81-568-68-2777
112-69 Nishikitano, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture 484-0905 Japan
Tel: +81-568-68-1192
Fax: +81-568-68-1261
Major banks Komaki Branch of the Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Nagoya Branch of the Hokuriku Bank
Komaki Branch of the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank
President Tadashi Nakano
Executive Director Hiroshi Uto
Business areas Development, design, manufacture and sales of a variety of automatic machines and electric control equipment
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