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Amassed technologies and ideas that are not shackled by existing concepts.
Each T・I・E. product is a combination of these parts.

T・I・E. quickly identifies the true needs suggested in the requests of our customers. In developing and producing a product, we make full use of our technologies and know-how as well as our most powerful ideas. Thus, we supply ideal products best suited for use in our customer's environment.

Destacking feeder
This machine separates and picks up stacked blanks one by one and feeds them to a transfer press in a high-speed conveyance using magnetic chains (a magnetic conveyor) and grip mechanism.

Coil line
This system of equipment units supplies coil materials into a press at high speed while correcting distortions and bends in the material.

Blanking piler
This machine carries sheets (blanks) blanked and cut from coil material out of a blanking press and then stacks them in order.

Bender line
This bending system bends high-tensile-strength steel plates (including thin plates made of SPCC) using a cam mechanism. In this system, data management is performed for the bending angle, the inner width of the L bends and the C bends and the like, along with the setup - which is also automated.

Mechanical transfer machine
This machine carries out conveyance that gives an uninterrupted process for parts' forming lines.
The unit includes a mechanical system employed to improve the conveyance accuracy and speed. Today, transfer machine types using servo motors are also available.

XY feeder
This feeder machine, with fingers, holds thin plate materials by the edges so as to allow the cutting-out of circular or other-shape products from the plate.
The maximum number of products is taken from a single material piece by laying out the operation under the data management of the X and Y feeds.
This equipment, serving also as a loader and unloader, contributes to cost reduction.

Other T・I・E. automatic machines
Automotive hybrid battery base forming machines, beds for assisted bathing, office chair pedestal deburring machines, plus a variety of other machines are also produced.

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